Notebook Giveaway By Eeca Shyaa

Klik banner untuk join.

The mandatory steps to enter the giveaway :  
1. Be the follower of this blog >>> Eeca Shyaa
2. Add me on Facebook (It's my second account!) >>> CLICK HERE.
3. Create an entry titled "Notebook Giveaway By Eeca Shyaa" and copy the image banner (gambar pertama) linking to this post.
4. Tag 3 people to join. The more the merrier!
5. Leave your entry link in the comment .


  1. singgah dari segmen yang sama :D good luck

  2. Hi :D

  3. Salam.... Cikla dtg dr segmen sama...

  4. Hi ... Singgah dari segmen yang sama ... Jangan lupa join contest kat Jom Bercontest dan singgah jenjalan kat Kisah Hidup Ku ... Semoga sentiasa sihat dan dimurahkan rezeki ... Maaf lambat blog walking ...



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