Video Juara Asian Wave 2012-SHILA AMZAH

BANGGA GILER NGAN SHILA AMZAH! Her performances were amazing. Juara Asian Wave 2012... Ahli Juri siap bangun tepuk and joget skali.

Great perfomance..........teruskan menaikkan industri muzik malaysia ke peringkat antarabangsa..

A Malaysian singer, Shila Amzah has been announced as the winner of Asian Wave 2012 that held in China.. She's competed with other finalists from China, South Korea, India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia itself.. She sang three songs: Gemilang by Jaclyn Victor, Grenade by Bruno Mars and a Mandarin song, Zheng Fu by Na Ying that finally led her to be awarded as the Grand Winner of the event.. The winner was selected based on the juries' points as well as the votes from the fans.. Shila also has been the favourite among fans who love her voice and style.. What makes this performance even meaningful was she received standing ovations from the juries and audiences that majority of them are Chinese!! Malaysia Boleh!


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